Runescape Expansion Set Fanon was a revamp of Runescape's EOC, OSRS, Legacy Mode, Glyphscape and such. This evolution mixes the old and the new.

Equipment Edit


Like the ones in EOC, there are new introductions of elemental wands. Hence, Avernic Wand is given an additional critical bonus.


Magic Damage Bonus Percent has returned so there are additions of Melee Damage Bonus Percent and Ranged Damage Bonus Percent.

Absorption rate has returned too.

Other ChangesEdit

Combat LevelEdit

There is the mix of EOC combat level with pre EOC combat level. If a player were combat level 200 with 99 Prayer and Summoning, it would be 212. Divide by 99 and multiply it by 185, it would be final combat level of 396. Players will now gain 3-6% extra random damage per respective combat level.

Experience Gain and Drp[ RateEdit

Players can now get XP gain in successful hits and then kills. This would be a mix of both pre and post EOC, they can get 0.133 XP in hit * 0.5 * 0.5. Players in Daemonheim gain x0.5 * x0.5 of Dungeoneering XP. XP rates have been halved. Drop rate of all NPC, excluding the drops that always drop (100%), are halved.


Monsters too like Dark Beast has kept combat level before EOC, and they have their levels and life doubled to be more challenging. Sometimes, most yet certain monsters prior to EOC update have 20-21x of their Life. Some certain monsters have abilities to damage players.


Most bosses have hidden passive effect of Barrows respectively. They can have overhead prayers to look dangerous.

Status AilmentsEdit

Disease has returned too and Venom from OSRS is reintroduced. Some certain bosses and monsters here will take status ailments (only on Members world) and DPS ability to players. There are new status ailments such as Burning and Freezing. Antifire potion cures Burning status and prevents Burning status ailments. Players here will make antifreeze potions to prevent Freezing status.

Spells and Prayers Edit

Spells that include Standard, Ancient, Lunar, Arceuus, Abyssal, Seren, and the others are merged into one big spellbook, as a bundle, without having time to switch to another spellbook. Certain spells like Spellbook Swap was removed. Prayers such as Standard Prayers, Ancient Curses, Seren Blessings and Lunar Blessings are merged into one prayer, referred to as Prayers/Blessings/Curses, as a bundle like a spellbook, without having a time to change to another prayers.

Economy and environmentEdit

You can now craft multiple runes to get extra per 5 Runecrafting levels.